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Rectourethral fistula: a rare complication after HoLEP
Department of Urology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Dec  2018 (Vol.  25, Issue  6, Pages( 9617 - 9619)
PMID: 30553289


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  • We report a rare complication of rectourethral fistula formation 6 weeks after a 70-year-old man underwent an uneventful HoLEP procedure. Cystourethrogram confirmed the diagnosis and the patient was managed conservatively with chronic indwelling catheter placement for 6 weeks. After this, his symptoms resolved completely and a repeat cystourethrogram showed marked resolution of the fistulous tract. The cause of the fistula formation is believed to be due to a delayed thermal or infectious reaction. Post-procedure follow up is necessary in all patients to monitor for complications that do not arise immediately after surgery.