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Contemporary evaluation and management of renal trauma
Department of Urology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Apr  2016 (Vol.  23, Issue  2, Pages( 8191 - 8197)
PMID: 27085822


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    Renal trauma occurs in approximately 1%-5% of all trauma cases. Improvements in imaging and management over the last two decades have caused a shift in the treatment of this clinical condition.


    A systematic search of PubMed was performed to identify relevant and contemporary articles that referred to the management and evaluation of renal trauma.


    Computed tomography remains a mainstay of radiological evaluation in hemodynamically stable patients. There is a growing body of literature showing that conservative, non-operative management of renal trauma is safe, even for Grade IV-V renal injuries. If surgical exploration is planned due to other injuries, a conservative approach to the kidney can often be utilized. Follow up imaging may be warranted in certain circumstances. Urinoma, delayed bleeding, and hypertension are complications that require follow up.


    Appropriate imaging and conservative approaches are a mainstay of current renal trauma management.