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Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma of the ureter discovered intraoperatively during a hysterectomy
Penn State Hershey College of Medicine, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA
Dec  2008 (Vol.  15, Issue  6, Pages( 4421 - 4424)
PMID: 19046496


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  • We present a patient with a T2NXMX lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma (LELC) of the lower third of her left ureter discovered incidentally during removal of a large uterine mass. This case of LELC is unique for its presentation in the context of fibroid mass and its distinct (incidental) manner of discovery. To our knowledge, this will be the sixth case report to describe LELC of the ureter. A review of available literature and summary of upper tract cases are provided.