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Surgical approach of giant testicular cancer. Case report and literature review
Department of Urology, Royal Victoria Hospital, McGill University Health Centre,
Feb  2005 (Vol.  12, Issue  1, Pages( 2557 - 2559)


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  • Testicular cancer, which generally presents as a scrotal mass of variable sizes, is amongst the most common malignancies in men in the 15- to 35- year age group. A high inguinal orchiectomy is the standard approach for removal of a scrotal mass suspicious of being malignant. A recent report described a combined use of an inguinal incision, for early clamping of the spermatic cord, and a scrotal incision for orchiectomy of a large size testicular seminoma. We hereby report a case of a large size testis cancer removed using a single oblique inguinoscrotal incision. This approach allows inguinal delivery of a large size of scrotal mass without additional concerns of scrotal tumor spillage and violation of tunica vaginalis.