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Restoring sexual function in prostate cancer patients: an innovative approach
Psychosocial & Behavioral Research Unit, Sunnybrook & Women's Colle
Jun  2004 (Vol.  11, Issue  3, Pages( 2285 - 2289)


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  • It has been extremely difficult for men with prostate cancer to obtain reasonable estimates of the likelihood of remaining potent after first line therapy, partly because of differences in defining potency. If, as in more recent studies, the definition requires that men are usually (not just occasionally) able to get and sustain an erection, then the picture is not encouraging. Additional strategies are needed to help men sustain sexual activity. In this paper we draw on the experiences of a rather remarkable prostate cancer patient to help consider the possibilities for a different kind of intervention for men with ED ? use of a strap-on dildo (an external prosthetic penis fastened by a harness around the hips). The dildo is a simple and inexpensive strategy for dealing with impotence and in certain circumstances it can work better than more established medical treatments for ED. Use of a dildo potentially removes the fear of erectile failure, allows for increased stimulation of the glans, facilitates full-body contact between partners, and offers potential satisfaction to one?s partner. Urologists (and other health professionals) are encouraged to explore dildos as an option during discussions with patients about sexual rehabilitation. The potential benefits are discussed of specialty sexuality clinics that facilitate introduction of innovative approaches like dildos