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Immediate versus delayed outpatient flexible cystoscopy: final report of a randomized study
Department of Urology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, New Yor
Dec  2001 (Vol.  8, Issue  5, Pages( 1406 - 1408)


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    To evaluate discomfort experienced by men undergoing an immediate versus delayed outpatient flexible cystoscopy after topical local anesthesia. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Two hundred eighty eight consecutive men with superficial bladder tumors were randomized to undergo immediate or delayed surveillance flexible cystoscopy after intraurethral instillation of lidocaine jelly. The patients recorded their level of pain experienced during cystoscopy on a 4-point pain scale and on a 10-point visual analogue (VAS) scale.


    Of the 288 patients, 145 underwent immediate cystoscopy and 143 had a delayed cystoscopy. The mean pain score on a scale of 1 (no pain) to 4 (severe pain) was 1.6 after immediate cystoscopy compared with 1.5 after delayed cystoscopy (p=7). The mean VAS score on a scale of 1 (no pain) to 10 (most painful) was 1.8 after immediate cystoscopy versus 1.7 after delayed cystoscopy (p=5).


    There was no difference in pain perception among men undergoing an immediate or a delayed outpatient flexible cystoscopy using the same local anesthetic.