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Crossed testicular ectopia with preoperative ultrasound
University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Aug 2013 (Vol. 20, Issue 4, Pages( 6875 - 6877)
PMID: 23930617


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  • Crossed testicular ectopia/transverse testicular ectopia is a rare congenital anomaly. It is most commonly identified intraoperatively in the setting of inguinal hernia repair with contralateral cryptorchidism. We report a case of crossed testicular ectopia identified in a 3-month-old male who presented with right cryptorchidism. Preoperative ultrasound revealed no testicle on the right and two testicles on the left -- one within the left hemiscrotum and one within the left inguinal canal. Laparoscopy at 7 months of age revealed a closed right external ring and right ectopic testicle at the left external ring. Bilateral orchiopexy was performed.

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